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When planning the operation to correct the shape of the nose we offer the computer prediction of results of the operation. You will kow the results achieved by operation in advance. The surgery to correct the shape of the nose - is a favorite operation of Dr. Andrew Kremnev.

Mammary gland operations are done only in cases when a woman is not satisfied with the shape, size or height of breast, or she wants to change the breast’s size and shape for esthetic appearance. In this case breast plastic can help her.

Facial plastic is one of the directions in esthetic surgery, which has typical diversity of procedures and methods of their execution. Facial plastic is indicated for people who are often in public and take care of their appearance.

Having decided to do plastic surgeries to correct the figure, some patients feel doubt about positive outcome. However to have successful hip, buttock, hand and other body parts’ lifting, you must turn to a good and experienced specialist. All these figure correction operations will help to rejuvenate it, make more attractive and will give self-confidence.

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How to get an appointment for a surgery, consultation?
Making an appointment for consultation can be made on the phone + 371 67885885 Making an appointment for a surgery is made during consultation at the surgeon’s. Consultation value 30 euro.
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