About us

«Human beauty is the harmony of parts of face and body.

It is enough to have one look to understand it,

because the Beauty is the feeling.

And for me it is a profession as well.»

Doctor Andrey Kremnev 

Plastic surgery clinic of Doctor Kremnev was founded in 1999, and during a long period of its existence has achieved the leading position on the Latvian plastic surgery market. It is a specialized clinic fitted with modern medical equipment. Doctor Andrey Kremnev is a highly qualified plastic surgeon with a wide knowledge and practical experience who uses only the verified and effective technologies and advanced materials for his plastic surgeries.

Each patient is approached in an individual manner surrounded by attention and professional treatment.

Plastic surgery in Latvia today is not a rare phenomenon and we are pleased to prove it! Our main task is to fill the world with health and beauty and we apply all possible methods to achieve it.

Doctor Andrey Kremnev performs plastic surgeries of any difficulty at the highest level. During the post-surgical period patients are accommodated in comfortable rooms fitted with all necessary equipment and surrounded by the professional but at the same time warm atmosphere. Modern equipment, cosy conditions, attention and care of the personnel allow patients to forget about the unpleasant sights of the medical intervention and to stay inspired by the beautiful future, which awaits them when they leave the doors of clinic.

You can discuss all the issues related to plastic surgery and its applicability to your case with Doctor Kremnev himself. Booking an appointment for a consultation is easy: just call us on +37167885885 or email info@kremnev.lv. Visit us and we will prove together that health and beauty are indeed able to save the world!

Plastic surgeon Doctor Andrey Kremnev

Doctor Andrey Kremnev

Youth, beauty and health are human’s main wealth. Plastic surgery helps to maintain them; it is the only direction of medicine where the level of scientific knowledge and the feeling of beauty are equally important.

Plastic surgeon is a sculptor who will not only do everything possible to sustain and regain the beauty of your face and body but who will also help you to improve your health and to prolong your youth. Plastic surgery is one of the most difficult areas of medicine, which allows both to look better and to return self-confidence resulting a happier and more joyful life.

Doctor Andrey Kremnev is your guide into the world of beauty harmony

Doctor Kremnev is one of the top plastic surgery specialists in Latvia whose opinion is respected by the professionals in all Baltic States. His approach to work has become the guideline: careful diagnostics, assessment of different possibilities of plastic surgery, evaluation of surgery safety… and as a result: new life for everyone who comes here, self-confidence and trust in yourself.