Doctor's consulting

One of the head stones lying at the heart of plastic surgeries is consulting.

Of course, one can learn much about plastic surgery, studying various materials that are published in the mass media, books or the Internet. It may give a general idea of the procedure, however; only real meeting with a plastic surgeon who will perform a surgery will allow understanding the results of surgery and what he will need to do for it.

It is extremely important that patient’s expectations would be realistic, and only an experienced surgeon having good grounding can estimate the conditions, which define the result that can be expected from the surgery.

During consulting plastic surgeon will examine and evaluate that body part, on which a surgery will be done, and will determine, whether there are physiological factors, which may negatively influence the surgery’s result.

During consulting it is very important to analyze the risks connected with a surgical procedure. A plastic surgeon will always inform the patient about expected risk in his (or her) specific case.