Frequently asked questions

01. How to get an appointment for a surgery, consultation?
Making an appointment for consultation can be made on the phone + 371 67885885. Making an appointment for a surgery is made during consultation at the surgeon’s. Consultaion price is 30 EUR.
02. Are there any contraindications for cosmetic surgeries?
Contraindications for plastic surgeries are: acute diseases, chronic disease exacerbation, oncologic diseases, blood diseases, psyche disorder.
03. What analyses should be made before a surgery?
  • Full blood analysis (Hb, L, Er, Ht, Tr + leukocyte formula + ESR) (valid for 1 week);
  • Prothrombin complex, INR (valid for 2 weeks);
  • Blood group;
  • Rhesus factor;
  • S-Anti-HCV (C hepatitis);
  • Urine analysis (valid for 2 weeks);
  • Lung X-Ray (valid for 1 year);
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG) (valid for 1 year).
04. What implants are used for breast augmentation?
In our clinic silicon implants are used for breast augmentation, which are filled with highly cohesive gel (durable to implant leakage). All implants are made in the European Union and the USA.
05. Are there different variants of surgical access (incisions) when putting an implant for breast augmentation?
For putting implants there are 3 basic accesses:
  1. in infrasternal fold;
  2. on the areola;
  3. under armpit.
06. Where is the implant located when augmenting breast?
There are 2 basic places of implant location
  • under muscle;
  • under gland.
Implant’s location under muscle is most recommended, because contractile capsule doe not appear, the implant is not contoured and cannot be felt. A drop-like shape is achieved and the esthetic result remains for a considerably longer time. That is why in our clinic implants are ALWAYS placed under the muscle.
07. Is diagnostics of oncologic disease possible if I have implants?
Of course. After breast augmentation with implants all the existing methods of diagnostics of mammary gland disease are possible.
08. Do the breast augmentation surgeries affect cancer appearance?
Studies of many years have not found out the data that silicon implants cause diseases of patients after implant placing, including the oncologic.
09. Can I feed with my breasts after breast implant placing?
Women after a surgery of breast augmentation with silicon implants can with no worry give birth and feed children with breast (suckle). It is proved by official studies and conclusion decisions of the European and the American supervising institutions.
10. Are there any restrictions of physical activity, flights, sauna visits, bathing, etc., after a surgery of breast augmentation?
In 6-8 weeks after the surgery all restrictions of physical activity, sauna and pool visiting stop. There are no restrictions for flights.
11. In how many years is it necessary to replace implants for mammoplasty operation?
Silicon implants change their membranes when ruptured and if gel is leaking. If it does not happen you do not need to replace them. Today we use implants filled with highly cohesive gel (that does not leak). There are no data on necessity of replacement of these implants.
12. When can I start sunbathing after breast augmentation?
You can sunbathe in a solarium in 2-3 weeks after a surgery by covering the scars.
13. Plastic surgery – is it painful?
After a plastic surgery, like after any other surgery, the patient may feel pain. Degree of these feelings depends on the type of surgery, traumatism and individual level of patient’s sensitivity. Still, modern pain killers allow successfully fighting against pain during post-surgery period.
14. Narcosis – is it very dangerous?
Modern knowledge and technologies achieved in anesthesiology, monitoring of essential organism functions, as well as careful examination of the patient before plastic surgery allow decreasing risk of complications to the minimum.
15. Is it true that you have no scars after plastic surgeries?
After plastic surgeries practically invisible cosmetic scars remain.
16. How far is it possible to change nose shape and size?
The nose shape and size during rhinoplasty can be changed so far you need to achieve the desirable result.
17. Tell about lip plumping. What is better and safer for a long period of time?
For correction and increase of lip shape the so called liquid implant injection is used, which are made on the base of hyaluronic acid or collagen. Life of these preparations is 3-12 months.
18. Doing general face lifting – where, on which areas do the scars appear? Will they be covered by hair or are they visible?
Doing face lifting incisions are made in the hairy part of the temple, behind the auricle’s antilobium and some centimeters behind the ear. After expiry of rehabilitation period (4-6 months) the scars become practically invisible.
19. Is it possible to replace face lifting by polishing, laser or chemical pealing?
Laser polishing is not the alternative method of face lifting, because after polishing tissue lifting does not happen, the face skin quality is improved. Often laser polishing is an extra to face lifting.
20. Is it true that after face lifting the patient doomed to repeated surgeries every 2-3 years?
The effect of modern methods of lifting remains for 7-10 years. The patient decides himself/herself whether to do a repeated plastic surgery when this term expires.
21. Is computer prognostication of the surgery results possible?
During plastic surgeon’s consultation, with computer modeling, you can receive the supposed post-surgery result. Still, patients must be aware that the result of the computer modeling can slightly differ from the real one.
22. Does the removed fat recover after liposuction?
The removed fat after liposuction is not recovered and the surgery effect remains forever.
23. What is the difference between liposuction and liposculpture?
Liposculpture, lipomodeling and liposuction – these are three terms defining one and the same operation.
24. What is laser liposuction?
Laser liposuction is one more popular method of non-surgical liposuction. Laser has long ago found its application in medicine, including the surgery, thanks to its effectiveness and safety. Laser liposuction allows removing dropping fat folds on the sides of body, hips, abdomen, in arm area, as well as in chin area (the so called “double chin”) etc. It effectively fights against fat in those places, where application of various diets and physical exercise is helpless, and the traditional liposuction involves risk of complications and long post-surgery period.
25. What is the rehabilitation period after laser liposuction like?
Laser liposuction is a less-invasive procedure that is why after it you can immediately go home with no worry. However, usually the patient is in a special ward for an hour after it, where he/she rests and medical control over him/her is performed. If everything is ok, you can go home. Within 1-2 weeks after laser liposuction it is recommended to avoid hard physical load.