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Plastic surgery is a complex science. For a perfect result any plastic surgery should be viewed as a consolidated process of medical preparation, beauty aid, physical and dermatological therapy. In this case the new image created for you by the plastic surgeon will sustain for a long period of time.

This is exactly why the  plastic surgery clinic of Andrey Kremnev cooperates with the top representatives of the beauty industry in Latvia; professionals who know how to prolong youth of your face and body for years.

Weyergans-HCC – center providing services in the sector of massage, esthetic medicine, and restorative therapeutics after plastic surgeries.

"ARS" – one of the largest out-patient medical institutions in Latvia with good traditions and outstanding specialists. Offer qualitative diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation for adults and children. Welcome to our clinic!

WELLSLIM CENTRS – third branch of the beauty center "Veselības centrs 4". Their basic principles of activity are based on multi-functionality for a purpose of offering customers a “full menu”. These are new possibilities of services, which solve esthetic problems of face and face within a single institution of esthetical medicine . The main idea of WELLSLIM CENTRS bases on the new esthetically philosophic concept in Latvia, which is grounded on a complex system of body diagnostics and application of apparatus technologies "CERRI". The centre of body esthetics, rooms of face esthetic cosmetology, center of photo epilating, rooms of gynecologist and endocrinologist were established in WELLSLIM CENTRS.

The NATRELLE® Collection – one of the finest producers of breast implants who devote a worldwide effort to educate women of their choices for an ideal profile.

Perfect permanent make-up

EDK – is the largest Latvian clinic of esthetic medicine and dermatology. It specializes in treatment of skin diseases and vein diseases.

Allergan – is a large international company providing the widest range of services in the fields starting from ophthalmology and neurology and up to dermatology and cosmetology. It is the manufacturer of a widely known series of implants Natrelle.

Liora – is the first beauty institute in Latvia, which is specialized on cosmetology and esthetic medicine. Individual approach, cosmetics of the leading world brands and… excellent results. Beauty institute is a multi-profile institution. Cosmetology, therapy and restorative medicine exist here together with SPA-hotel services, with a possibility of accommodation, organization of one-day and weekend health-improving tours.

"E. Gulbis Laboratory" – the biggest clinical laboratory in Latvia that performs biochemical, microbiological, chemical, immunohematological, hematological, cytological, immunological, biophysical, cytogenetic pathologic analyses of both human and animal material in order to provide disease diagnostics or health evaluation. The laboratory provides consultations in all aspects of laboratory’s examinations and if necessary helps the client to choose the most appropriate tests.