Why us?

Craving for beauty hangs over the human and people attempt, despite anything (even merciless time, which wipes off cities into sand, not speaking about the humanity), to save youth and beauty. In this complex battle aimed at saving of the beautiful image for a longer period of time, plastic surgery clinic of Doctor Andrey Kremnev helps in it. There are very many arguments to the questions why exactly this clinic should be chosen:

  1. High qualification of the doctor, documentary confirmed by certificates and diplomas
  2. Use of high-tech medical infrastructure
  3. Required diagnostic procedures before surgery
  4. Clinic’s cooperation with the company ALLERGAN and EUROSILIKONE, which ensures high quality of clinic’s work
  5. Possibility to receive full exhaustive consultation in any issue interesting for a patient
  6. Possibility of computer prognostication of the surgery results
  7. Complex and individual approach to the patient
  8. Attentive, compassionate attitude towards patients
  9. Provision of wide range of services in the field of plastic surgery, including face, nose, lips, breast plastic.

One more no less important positive moment of work organization of Doctor Kremnev clinic is giving patients interest-free credit for surgeries, which is executed directly in the clinic for 6 months with advance payment in the amount of 60% of the surgery value. Execution of credit allows customers taking care of their appearance timely, without delaying such an important thing due to economical circumstances. For execution of credit you need to turn to the plastic surgery clinic of Doctor Kremnev, get doctor’s consultation, discuss terms of the planned plastic surgery and present a passport to the administrator for execution of a guarantee letter.

Interest-free credit

EXCLUSIVE SERVICE – giving our patients interest-free credits for surgeries!

Executing credit for surgeries in our clinic you do not overpay a lat of the service value given in the clinic’s pricelist. Credit can be executed for 6 months with payment of initial installment from 60% at your option.

Leadership of our clinic understands that care of health and beauty cannot be put off till tomorrow. But the prices for qualitative medicine services, economical crisis in the country sometimes make us wait a little with solution of such important issues. Now everything has changed! Surgeries by installment – it is an excellent chance to take care of your beauty right now. Make the right decision today!

How to execute the credit?

  1. You decide about the surgery plan recommended by the doctor and turn to the clinic.
  2. For execution of a guarantee letter you present a passport, and our clinic’s employee will execute it.
  3. You will receive a repayment schedule with your copy of a guarantee letter.