Your fat - Your assistant in the achievement of youth and beauty!

From 5 to 7 of June in Stockholm (Sweden) there was held the International Congress "Beauty Through Science - authoritative forum for world's leading experts in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery. 

This event was attended by a huge number of participants - plastic surgeons from all over the world (USA, UK, France, Israel, etc.). Our beloved and respected Dr. Andrew Kremnev, who constantly improve his knowledge in the field of plastic surgery, took part in the Congress "Beauty Through Science" as well for the second time.

In recent years the trend of plastic surgery aims to achieve the maximum effect with the minimal surgical intervention. As a consequence, in 2014 the Congress was devoted to the transplantation of adipose tissue, better known as Lipofilling. During the Congress many famous plastical surgeons were reading lectures, organizing the workshops and sharing their experience with the colleagues. 

Today Lipofilling is an alternative to plastics. During the procedure, using a special syringe, the layer of adipose tissue is taken from locations with a sufficient amount of fat e.g. thighs or abdomen. After that, the taken material undergoes through a special treatment. The final step is the introduction of purified fat into the requiring correction places e.g. face (lips, cheeks, forehead) or body (chest, buttocks, hands) through. The result can be observed after a week or two.

Today we can say that your fat is your assistant for the achievement of youth and beauty! The plastic surgeon, Dr. Andrew Kremnev would be happy to see you at the consultation in his clinic! Let your body and your face make you happy because summer is time of sun, sea and beauty!