Services of a plastic surgery clinic

The clinic solves the most difficult tasks, which need delicate professional approach, huge experience and modern technologies, which include liposuction and face plastic. And the clinic’s employees prove every day that they can be trusted life, health and beauty of the patient. Among services, which the plastic surgery clinic and its partners provide, there are really revolutionary, less-invasive and safe services: facial lifts with threads and endotines, as well as PureGraft, a new methodology of fat transplantation materially expanding the possibilities of liposuction. Let us stop to learn about them a bit more.



    Intimate surgery

      Laser surgery

      Laser surgery
      • Removal of skin neoplasms with laser - leaves no scars, is completely painless and maximum efficient. This procedure allows removing nevus, lipoma, birthmarks etc.
      • Face skin polishing (Dermabrasion) - this is mechanical cleaning of the skin upper layer or, in other words, mechanical skin polishing. The so called mechanical face peeling, when the upper layer of skin is removed, and instead of it a new one appears having good vital resource. By method of dermabrasion face wrinkles are removed, besides, it refers also to deep mimic wrinkles, complexion becomes even, without pigments and visible blood vessels. Likewise, this procedure is used also for correction of scars, removal of inborn defects of skin (for example, birthmarks). This method is used also for tattoo removal.

        Indications for dermabrasion: aged wrinkles, tattoos, scars, simple acne.
      • Laser lipolysis - operation, which is one of the most needed in plastic surgery. This operation allows destroying all depot fat in delicate and difficult areas, like the upper part of abdomen, back, chin, hands and knees.