Removal of skin neoplasms with laser

leaves no scars, is completely painless and maximum efficient. This procedure allows removing nevus, lipoma, birthmarks etc.

Manipulācijas īpatnības

  • The operation purpose: new growth or any other blemish removal from skin.
  • Age: no restrictions
  • Anesthesia: local, general
  • Duration of operation: from 15 minutes and more
  • Stay in a hospital: from several hours up to 1 day
  • Result estimation: in 6 months
  • Operation: Skin blemish is liquidated within healthy fabrics. The wound is put in cosmetic stitches. If necessary, the surgery is performed by means of local fabrics or using the expander.
  • Rehabilitation period: Stitches are removed in 7-10 days.
  • Restrictions: Restriction on visiting of baths, pool and gym – 4 weeks.
  • Cost: 25 Ls and more (35 € and more)